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Teaching and Learning

This past week I had the opportunity to speak to members of the senior class at Thompson High School. The topic was "a quick review of your schooling/training and how you got to where you are today with a mention of the different interests you had that led you down your current path."

It was enjoyable sharing, and answering questions about, my educational background of banking/finance, plus my work history in retail sales, warehousing, purchasing, and production painting. Furthermore, how each of those previous work areas lended parts of itself to my current status of being an entrepreneur and owning/running my own business effectively. In addition to my secondary education and work history, I also mentioned that I've had numerous one-on-one coaching sessions with successful business owners across the country, and traveled to Florida, California, Arizona, and Montana for further self-education and training. I'm always trying to improve and learn in some way. Just because you are finished with school doesn't mean you should stop growing and learning.

Now, fast forward to next week, I am going back to work as a consultant for Steffes Solutions to train new and existing production painters. I enjoy teaching people, and helping them improve. Being a "mentor" and a "core-trainer" during my time at Steffes was one of the most rewarding parts of my job as a floor worker, production lead, and a supervisor. As a father, seeing how much my daughter has improved her detailing game while she's helped me the last two summers makes me proud.

If you have the opportunity to speak with young adults or similar for your community, take advantage of it. Where has your education and career path taken you through life?


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