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Protecting Your Investment

Let's face it, the days of an affordable automobile has recently become almost non-existent. The price of some new vehicles now exceed the price my wife and I paid for our first home less than 20 years ago. Add to that a shortage of new vehicles, and the used vehicle market price has escalated just as much. The new and used boat market is even worse. Purchasing a new vehicle or a boat now is an investment. So protect it..

Recently I was contacted by a customer about installing paint protection film on the front of their brand new vehicle. The starting price for this particular SUV is $60,000 and up. The customer asked for an estimate to install a basic front end package to protect against rock chips etc. I gave them a rough estimate of $900-$1100 without having my computer at hand to calculate the exact number for the vehicle. The response I got was that it's "too much" and hung up.

So let's do some quick math (not that calculus stuff we'll never use in real life right? Haha) - a $60,000 vehicle comes with 5% North Dakota sales tax, or $3000. The customer paid $3000 for sales tax (plus other fees) and got nothing in return for it. A typical new vehicle loan anymore is 5 years (60 months). Now, let's say PPF for the front of your vehicle will cost $1100. $1100/60= $18.33/month more to your car payment. Lunch for two people at McDonalds anymore is $20.

Contact a local detailer in your area that installs PPF and/or ceramic coatings to get an estimate before finalizing your purchase and add it to the loan. Or, simply budget accordingly so when you do purchase a new vehicle or boat, you can have the protective services done. It will hold a better resale value for your vehicle, make it easier to maintain, and protect it for the long-term.

Below are examples of the things I've had the privilege to add a ceramic coating and/or PPF to the past few months.


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