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The Mission and Mike

The Mission

Americans have had a love affair with the automobile since the day of the Model T. Today our vehicles are a lifeline to get to work, get the kids to activities, tow the boat to the lake, road trip, take a family vacation, recreation, hunting, and even define who we are. Auto Massage was born out of a love for making things look immaculate, and keeping them that way. 


My mission is simple - A higher standard to keep your ride looking, and feeling, good so you have time to enjoy the journey.

About Mike and Auto Massage


I’m a parent. I know the harsh realities that a baby, toddler, children, and teens do to a vehicle — from the random chicken nugget wedged between the seats, mud where it shouldn’t be, all the way to vomit...and even more fun, melted slime on the upholstery. I also know the passion car enthusiasts have for keeping their “baby” looking pristine. I have a higher standard - I offer honesty, quality, and integrity of work and stand behind it. I listen to my customer’s concerns and won’t try to oversell on services that are not needed or desired. 


I am an IDA (International Detailing Association) member with a CD (Certified Detailer), SV (Skills Validated), and WC (Water Craft Certified) status. This means I have taken written tests, and traveled across the country to train with some of the best, and master-level, detailers and manufacturers in the industry, to demonstrate that I am proficient in the detailing trade. I am a member of CPD (Certified Professional Detailers) which is a group dedicated to business professionalism in the detailing industry.  I am an alumni of Renny Doyle's Detailing Success 5-day training in California and Mike Phillips' 3-day and 2-day automotive and marine boot camps in Florida. My education also includes training with Mack Gregory to certify installing Legend PPF, and training with Brett Berry, owner of Shiny Jets, to be part of the Shiny Jets network.  As an educated professional, Dr. Beasley’s,  Glidecoat, Owner's Pride, CCI, Pearl Nano, Legend PPF, Starke Yacht Care, and Dr. Colorchip endorse me to be an authorized installer of their products and registrar of warranties. Finally, I am an authorized CARFAX Car Care Service Center, and I am an accredited member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ rating and 2024 winner of the BBB Torch Award For Ethics for ND and MN.  Only 4 businesses in the region were given this prestigious award.  


Why do all of this?  It's validation to you, my customer, that you are getting the quality work and value you pay for when I detail your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, or aircraft.

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