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Interior Details

Just The Basics​

  • Thorough anti-static vacuum

  • Steam clean hard surfaces and leather

  • Windows and mirrors cleaned

  • Floor mats cleaned

Total Interior Detail

  • Thorough initial vacuum

  • Enzyme treat, steam clean, and extract carpet/cloth areas

  • Steam clean and condition leather

  • Steam clean door panels, console, air vents, dash/steering column

  • Clean door jambs

  • Clean windows inside & out

  • Clean floor mats

  • Apply conditioner and UV protective dressings to vinyl and plastic

  • Apply conditioner to rubber door seals

  • Final anti-static vacuum

  • Car scent

  • Detail added to CARFAX history report

Boat Detailing
  • Wash and Seal

  • Oxidation Removal

  • Gel Coat Polishing

  • Acrylic & Eisenglass Cleaning

  • Bright Work Cleaning  

  • Non-skid Cleaning and Protection 

  • Vinyl Cleaning and Protection

  • Canvas Cleaning and Protection

  • Mildew Removal and Protection

  • Aluminum Polishing and Protection

  • Aluminum Sanding and Polishing

Ceramic Coating

Add a Glidecoat Marine Ceramic to any boat detail for the vinyl or gel coat on your boat or marine watercraft for years of protection

Boat Detailing $20 - $50/foot*

Pontoon Polishing $50 - $90/foot*

Ceramic Coating - Quote

*Price will vary depending on condition and size of vessel

**All invasive species must be removed by owner beforehand.

Exterior Details

Just The Basics​

  • Hand wash vehicle

  • Clay bar decontamination of paint

  • Apply paint sealant

  • Dress tires

  • Clean Windows

Total Exterior Detail

  • Hand wash vehicle

  • Chemically decontaminate exterior iron removal

  • Clay bar decontamination of paint and glass

  • Single stage paint polish

  • Apply ceramic infused paint sealant*

  • Chemically decontaminate and remove brake dust from wheels

  • Clean wheels and wheel barrels

  • Tire dressing applied

  • UV protective trim dressings applied

  • Clean Windows inside and out

  • Detail added to CARFAX history report

Motorcycle Detailing
  • Hand Wash

  • Clay bar paint decontamination

  • Tar Removal

  • Steam clean engine and frame areas

  • Polish Paint

  • Apply polymer paint sealant

  • Wheels cleaned

  • Matte Paint Care

  • Chrome and Aluminum Polish

  • Leather/Vinyl steam cleaned and conditioned

Starting at $200

Ceramic Coating

Includes complete motorcycle detail, and topped with Glidecoat Motorcycle Ceramic on paint, vinyl, and metal surfaces.

Starting at $450

Add-On Services

  • ​$50 odor removal 

  • $50+ Engine bay detail

  • $50+ rock chip paint touch up

  • $50/pair headlight polish

  • $100 Pearl Nano Ceramic Glass Coating

  • $100 Glidecoat vinyl tonneau cover coating

  • $600 Owner's Pride Interior Ceramic with 3, 5, or 7 year warranty

  • Don't see it listed? Call, text, or email and ask!  

Vehicle Reference Key

Sedan - 2 or 4 door car, Subaru Outback or Crosstrek

XL - Crew cab pickup interior, Toyota Highlander, GMC Acadia, Subaru Forester

XXL - Minivan, Crew cab pickup exterior, Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Suburban

Mobile Detailing

Life is busy, so we can come to you!*

Call to schedule an appointment for a consult.  Estimate for detail + mileage.

Pick Up and Drop Off

I am able to pick up and deliver your vehicle if needed!  $20 fee.

*Some restrictions apply, mileage added over 10 miles

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