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Get more money

That's right. Get more money for your trade-in. As we have all seen, the new and used car market has gone crazy. The value of a vehicle can increase by thousands with a good, high-quality, professional detail. New cars are hard to come by now due to the post-Covid supply chain and production issues that have caught up around the world. Paying for a quality detail can bring your used vehicle to its maximum potential and a "like new" or, as close to new as possible, for a fraction of the price of a new vehicle.

How? Keep your vehicle maintained or have your old/older vehicle professionally detailed. Detailing isn't just a person being a janitor for your car. Anyone can run a vacuum and wipe dust away. Detailing is preservation, resurrection, and enhancement of your vehicle. Having your vehicle detailed 1-2 times per year, will preserve a vehicle's worth, and keep it in great condition for the longevity of ownership. Furthermore, when you decide to sell or trade in that vehicle, the care and maintenance that you have taken to keep it in great condition will result in a higher sale or trade-in value.

Here is a real-world example - I received $1500 more in trade value for our 12 year old Highlander than was offered originally after seeing the condition it was in.


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