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Aroma: Malty, Flavor: Sweet/Mild, Finish: Moderate


Why the name Pure No Lead and not Unleaded for our medium decaf coffee?  Well to be honest we like to be different and unleaded just sounded too damn boring for us!  This coffee is not only perfect for our decaf fans but for anyone who loves the taste of a great medium roast and doesn’t want to stay up all night!  While researching the name for our medium roast decaf we learned quite a bit about gasoline.  Gasoline and coffee are exact opposites.  Gasoline comes naturally unleaded with lead added to prevent engines from knocking.  Coffee comes naturally caffeinated and we take the caffeine out to keep you from knocking!  So feast on that knowledge we just dropped while you drink Gearhead Coffee’s Pure No Lead medium roast decaf!

PURE NO LED Medium Roast Decaf Coffee 12oz Bag

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