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Aroma: Rich/Nutty, Flavor: Distinct/Sweet, Finish: Clean/Rounded


We came up with the name for this coffee because of the mystery behind the motor.  The 1963 Mark II or “Mystery Motor” was a 427 Stroker designed as a race-only engine. Used by Mickey Thompson in his Z-06 Corvette at Daytona and Smokey Yunick’s record setting Daytona 500 stock car, this was a “secret” engine combining both aspects of its predecessor W-Series and future Mark IV platform.  So how does this tie in with Gearhead Coffee’s 427 Stroker blend?  We have taken the great from both, Big Block Dark Roast and Injected Light Roast, to formulate a “secret” combination of beans that not even our own roasters know about.  This is the perfect everyday coffee that you can sit back, sip and wonder, “What is this mystery roast and why it so good?”

427 STROKER Medium Roast Coffee 12oz Bag

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