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Top 5 Benefits Of Interior Detailing

The products we buy wear down over time. It’s inevitable, but there are methods to slow down the deterioration. Cars are among those frequently used products that wear down, and get replaced every few years.

Instead of running to the dealership at the first sign of trouble, you can improve your current vehicle’s condition in many ways. If your car needs a deep cleanse, learn about the top five benefits of interior car detailing to return your vehicle to a like-new quality!

Remove Stains

The first feature people think of with interior car detailing is how the process cleans and removes stains. Your car might have a stubborn stain you could never remove or a recent small spill that is nearly unnoticeable. Regardless of where the stain is located - leather, vinyl, or cloth - an experienced detailer will often times be able to remove them and make your interior look new again.

Improve Air Quality

Interior detailing eliminates odors and improves the car’s air quality. While this process removes stains, it also rids the car of odors, bacteria, and lingering dust. Regularly deep cleaning the car’s interior will ensure you and any other passengers have a pleasant ride. Also replacing your vehicle cabin air filter is often overlooked to keep the air fresh in your vehicle.

Protect Upholstery

The driver and passengers constantly put the upholstery to the test. Particularly the side bolsters. Over time, the upholstery will inevitably wear down from excessive use and the sun’s rays beaming through the windows. Removing stains protects the upholstery from further damage, and regularly conditioning your leather seats keeps them moisturized and reduces premature wear.


Interior car detailing is the best method to preserve your car’s quality! While you might find the cost of detailing too much in the beginning, having the interior detailed once or twice per year is always worth the cost for some important reasons -- Firstly, car detailing lengthens the lifespan of your car. The upholstery is one of the first features to deteriorate, but it will stay clean and intact with regular detailing. Secondly, a clean, high-quality car has a higher resale value when it’s finally time to sell and upgrade your vehicle. Potential buyers of used cars are always looking for something new at a good price. They will admire how you’ve maintained the interior’s condition, and the car’s value will increase. Case in point, I was given an additional $1500 trade-in value for our 12 year old vehicle when we traded it in! (pictures below)

Boost Appearance

The best benefit of interior car detailing is the enhanced appearance of your car! Every day you drive, you sit in the driver’s seat, breathe in fresh air, and look at clean surfaces all around. You’ll feel confident in your spotless vehicle and know others will admire it too.

At Auto Massage, my focus is on providing you and your vehicle with the best car detailing service, so you can leave knowing your car is in the best shape of its life!

Call, text, or email to schedule your appointment today!

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