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Not a janitor for your vehicle

Wow! What a busy month! Thank you to all who helped with the CVIC (Community Violence Intervention Center) fundraiser a success.

Now, on to the topic at hand. What is a "detailer"? The mystique is someone who cleans cars. Let's face it. Detailing is not an expensive investment to get started. Go to O'Reilly's and buy some car soap, a wash mitt, bucket, all purpose cleaner, & some towels and you are a "detailer". Put that stuff in your trunk and now you are a "mobile detailer". However, detailing is much more than that. It is a professional trade, and as a professional, detailing is not just being a janitor for your vehicle.

This past month (May) saw a big variety of things come through my shop. One is still in my posession at home as I've been working on it between other jobs, and the customer wants me to take my time with it. Being a professional detailer is being educated, and knowing the correct methods to enhance, correct, protect, and resurrect a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, etc. for the long-term. It's about preserving an investment so it stays looking like new for years, and not months. It's about being able to take original paint on a 50+ year old vehicle, cleaning and exfoliating the paint, adding some moisture back to the dead paint, getting color back, and putting the life back in it. It's knowing how to remove stains, and get a well-loved family truckster back to it's original glory.

Coming by a new vehicle, boat, side-by-side, etc. in the current market is hard right now. Furthermore, the demand is so great that vehicles are being sold over MSRP. Used vehicles are hard to find as well and also demanding a premium with dealerships begging for trades. Spending a few hundred dollars for a high-quality detail can make your car feel, and look, like-new again. If you have been able to purchase a new(er) vehicle, boat, UTV, motorcycle, etc. have it protected with a ceramic coating and/or paint protection film to keep it looking like new, and protect it for years with easy maintenance.

Lastly, being a professional means listening to the customer and helping them find a solution that is right for them. It is also educating, or re-educating (Thank you "As Seen On TV", and YouTube), a customer to make a well-informed decision when investing in their vehicle.


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