Special Surface Coatings

Glass Coating

It’s amazing how much water sticks around on your glass when rain strikes. Wipers take care of some of it, sure, but even then visibility still suffers. With the superhydrophobicity of a Glass Serum Pro coating, however, you can be certain water, mud, sleet and snow will fly right off as you drive so you can see the road with perfect clarity. But visibility isn’t the only thing superhydrophobicity gets you – it makes cleaning a breeze, too. Just rinse your glass and the contaminants will slide right off.

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1 year $40
3 Year $99

Fabric And Leather Coatings

Microsuede Protection

Shields faux suedes like Alcantara, Dinamica and Ultrasuede from stains and soiling. Forming an invisible barrier over the surface, it repels water and contaminants to prevent stains from taking hold. Maintains soft texture and keeps an even finish.

Leather Lock Pro

Leather Lock Pro protects your leather surfaces from staining, fading, and friction damage. Extend the life of your leather while keeping it looking and feeling new.

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Vinyl Coating

Glidecoat’s Vinyl Ceramic Coating prolongs life and improves the appearance of vinyl and similar materials. It has been developed for vinyl that is exposed to the elements, such as vinyl cushions in a marine environment, but it also has uses in the automotive sector to protect the tonneau cover on your pickup or the vinyl convertible top on your vehicle.  It also has uses around the home for outdoor cushions to keep them looking new.

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Chassis Coating

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Chassis Coating was inspired by Jonathan Ward, owner of ICON 4×4. Some ICON vehicles were being delivered to tropical locations where they were exposed to harsh conditions and salt air was causing premature undercarriage oxidation. Dr. Beasley’s has long worked with Jonathan and the team at ICON to maintain the matte finishes on their vehicles, so when they needed a corrosion resistant product they turned to Dr. Beasley’s founder and chemist Jim Lafeber to custom formulate a solution just for them. 


Dr. Beasley’s CHASSIS COATING protects sensitive, exposed surfaces like vehicle undercarriages from damage caused by water, salt, and other environmental contaminants. It dries clear and can be removed easily, so you don’t have to worry about discoloration, or altering the look of your vehicle, making it perfect for expensive custom vehicles or show cars that need to maintain their original appearance.