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Pearl Nano XV2

Nano X V2 is a 3-5+ year, extremely chemical resistant, ultra high gloss, hydrophobic Ceramic Coating. Nano X withstands pH2 to pH14, Mag Chloride, and our own Water Spot Killer. It even withstood paint thinner and paint reducer. No other Ceramic Coating is this insanely chemical resistant while also providing long-lasting results. This new version sheets off the water as much as it beads.

Paint Only

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Pearl Nano HD

Nano HD is a heavy-duty/extra adhesion Ceramic Coating formulated for Wheel, Marine, and Industrial applications. Nano HD can withstand high temperature surfaces up to 1200°F.

This Ceramic Coating protects surfaces from brake dust and fallout while providing an ultra hydrophobic, glossy finish. Nano HD sits at 9H+ with 3-5 years of longevity. 

Pearl Nano Glass

Nano Glass is a super hydrophobic, nano coating formulated for glass surfaces. This Nano Coating goes on ultra-thin for any glass surface and is proven to handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures for 1-3 years.

Apply Nano Glass to glass windshields, building windows, shower enclosures, and even mirrors. Nano Glass also creates a scratch-resistant, easy to clean barrier that effortlessly repels water and protects glass surfaces from erosion.

Vehicle Windows

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