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The truth of the matter is that even with traditional surface protection methods, such as wax, functions such as UV blocking, stain and salt resistance, fail within weeks and continue to diminish sharply after that time. Glidecoat Pro Marine Ceramic Coating delivers superior protection



Glidecoat’s 9H Ceramic Coat fills in the pores of your vehicle’s paint, and bonds directly with the surface, creating a hard protective barrier over the top of the surface. This hard and protective ceramic coating barrier is extremely hydrophobic, repelling dirt, water, and other contamination, making ongoing maintenance of your vehicle a breeze! Auto Ceramic Coating also provides your vehicle with incredible gloss and shine! Giving your vehicle that desirable “glass” like finish.

3 YEAR +

Paint Only

  • 3 year ceramic coating applied to paint

  • SEDAN $590.00

  • XL $790.00

  • XXL $990.00


Developed, tested, and proven in South Florida, one of the toughest marine environments anywhere. Glidecoat is a unique process that provides a high-performance surface using nano-ceramic materials.

This process has had extensive field testing on all forms of watercraft in extreme weather conditions by accredited laboratories and has been proven to provide these benefits under the harshest conditions in marine applications.


Keeping your motorcycle clean and shiny is a point of pride for many owners. But motorcycles have a unique set of challenges for even the most accomplished detailers – the variety of surfaces, the contours and hard to reach areas, not to mention bugs, grease, road grime and other environmental contaminants. Glidecoat has developed one coating that can be used on all hard surfaces - including exhaust pipes withstanding temperatures of 1100°F/600°C - is easy to maintain, and offers unmatched protection against UV, corrosion, staining, road contaminants and more.

3 YEAR +

  • $600


Compared to other vehicles, RVs have the added challenge of gelcoat, which is much more porous than painted aluminum or steel. Through exposure to the elements, especially UV, gelcoat becomes even more porous, which leads to staining, difficulty cleaning and even a cloudy, chalky, yellow appearance caused by oxidation. Even a brand new RV is vulnerable to this damage.

 Glidecoat RV Ceramic Coating restores your gelcoat to a better-than-new finish. Our ceramic coating fills the pores of your RV’s gelcoat and bonds directly to the surface to provide protection that far outlasts traditional wax products.


Glidecoat aviation ceramic coating is designed to provide superior protection for your airplane for up to 18 months. The protective ceramic coating will also provide an extremely hydrophobic surface to repel dirt and stains, improve aerodynamics and increase fuel efficiency. The ceramic coating is also UV resistant which will protect your plane from UV damage and fading.

18 MONTH +


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